Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Slice of Life Tuesday

Two Writing Teachers is a blog I follow. Today they sent me a challenge to write each Tuesday, offering a slice of life piece on my blog. It was after school, when I was grateful for a "jeans pass" and running shoes on. After picking up the Digital Storytelling Club from the gym, and wading through dropped apple juice and animal cracker remnants, we made it to the room holding the precious iPads. For two months we have met once a week, these 2nd graders, 1 third grader, and I, to create digital stories. While it is the end of the day, it demands and gives energy. Today a story about a dog and a frog was finished. Adorable! Perfect? Not at all, but what a work of collaboration. Sometimes the partners didn't see each other for weeks, but progress was made. These two were willing to do the work upfront...writing a screenplay. When we declared it was a wrap, they watched with hushed tones...all the way to that final photo of the two gleaming with their puppets.