Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Winter Happenings, Slice of Life

"May we finish our video after lunch?"
"Cristopher forgot his Santa shoes out in the pod."
"I found a Santa picture in Kindergarten!"
"Can we do the reindeer in the library again today?"
"Jimmy won't let me be Dasher."
"Ms. Marshall my picture doesn't show. Where is the mouse?"
"Ms. Marshall everything is lost."
"Ms. Marshall, how come everything went really, REALLY, small?"
"Ms. Marshall, Noah snatched the alligator out of my hand in our play."

Despite all the complaints, the video production is in full swing in room 332.
The librarian got us thinking about the many versions of Clement C. Moore's Night Before Christmas.

So we are creating our own versions right here, right now with no time to waste.

Happy Tuesday! Happy Christmas!


  1. Loving all of the conversation! So many things to think about! Good luck with your creation!

  2. Me too. We want to see the finished product :)

  3. How great to see part of it. And as you can see, we want to see it all! Have fun!