Sunday, August 18, 2013

Thanks for the Back to School Help!

One more week until the little lovelies enter the classroom for a full day!  I have had help in preparing for them from some new sources for me: has great reading response sheets and a pretty goal sheet for the teacher.  She shared her personal goals and they sounded like mine!  I think I will be a better teacher if I manage to exercise more, become more organized up front, and teach more intentionally in language arts. has intrigued me with her pencil management system.  Each child receives a prepared, labeled bag with 8 pencils for the week.  At the end of the week, a student pencil manager picks up all the bags.  If the pencils are returned for sharpening, a surprise and "I am a friend of pencils" card is given.  Otherwise, an "oops" card is attached.  I shall try this! shares often and is a bright, pick-me-up type connection.  I love seeing updates on her daughter who arrived 6 months ago from the Congo!  Mrs. Lemons has given me the modeling of including basic words in Spanish to be more inclusive of our population.  I don't know where I'll post them, but I like the idea.

I am thankful for these energetic bloggers.

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